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The word Maban itself means caravan - a group of people and animals or vehicles who travel together. Acutally It was the old style of transporation in China, in which way people circulating goods from one place to another. The way we took this name hopes could deliver best outdoor life, adventures product to our customer. To do that, we need the best quality and most reliable equipment, and that’s what we want to share through our trade business.

To be more exciting, we seek the opportunity to work with some leading brands from around the world. Our mission is to make Maban Outdoor the leading supplier of outdoor gear in Hong Kong, and to do that will only be offering the best gear from around the globe. The very first good example was that we joined as the only distributor in HK for Fallkniven in 2015.

We want to make Hong Kong and the best parts of the world accessible to all lovers of the outdoors. We understand the gear that’s needed to do that, and want to offer you the best tools for the job. All our products will be light to carry and hard-wearing, and designed to give you safety and comfort in your outdoor pursuits.

Our gear will take you to new places, to enjoy new and exciting experiences. We want to be part of your journey, and hope that you will become part of our community and share your experiences.

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About Fällkniven

Fällkniven,the leading knife specialist in Scandinavia since 1984.

Fällkniven AB, is a Sweden-based manufacturer of knives and knife-related gear and apparel.It is a true family firm, with roots deep in the soil of Norrbotten, Sweden. As their origin, they have been hunters and fishermen for decades and known from personal experience how a knife should be. The firm started operations in 1984 and today is acknowledged as one of Sweden’s foremost knife specialists. They began to develop their own knives in 1987 and today this is their principal activity at Fällkniven AB.

Thomas  Eric  Maria  Ellinor  Åsa  Ann-Sofie  Peter

Fällkniven is most well known as a supplier of military and outdoor knives. Throughout the years they have supplied the Swedish military with products. The Fällkniven model F1 is the official survival knife for all pilots in the Swedish Air Force since 1995.

Complementing their lineup of military approved knives, Fällkniven produces several specifically outdoors, hunting and kitchen knives. 

To be on the safe side, Fällkniven quality test their knives at Lulea University of Technology so that they know how the knives hold up. The knowledge allows them to dare say that Fällkniven knives are the strongest, serial manufactured, stainless steel knives in the world!


While Fällkniven is a Swedish company, most if not all of its production is done by subcontractors. Early F1 knives made of ATS34 steel were manufactured in Germany by Linder-Solingen. Production has been moved to Seki Japan since Fällkniven replaced ATS34 steel with VG-10 and 3G (SPGS-powder steel) core laminates, in its products.

U.S. Marine Corps/Navy approved

In November 2000, the black versions of models F1 and S1 were tested and approved for use by air crews in the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy. They successfully met the requirements for function, design, strength and reliability which the Naval Air Warfare Center required.

                        Mod. F1                                                                           Mod. S1
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